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Requirement elicitation is an important phase in the software development process. The elicitation stage needs to be the most crucial stage because it determines the final results of the software. One of the HCI techniques is commonly used to elistate software requirements is the persona technique. The focus of the previous research was the use of several methods in exploring the user persona, but in this study the focus is the application of the persona technique that developed by John W. Castro with an iterative process modification as a process of validation of the user persona as itself. From this research, the result is persona can be one of the software requirement elicitation options. The use of user persona in persona techniques clarifies the source of the problem and the expectations of the user. Modification of the iterative model on Alan Cooper and John W. Castro’s persona techniques in this study also allows validation.


Persona, User Persona, HCI, Requirement Elicitation

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