Monitoring Dan Otomatisasi Pengendalian Nutrisi Pada Akuaponik Menggunakan Algoritma Fuzzy Logic Controller

Diah Risqi Wati


Aquaponics is a joint cultivation method between fisheries and plants in one container. In aquaponics systems water quality is an important role in the field of fisheries important for aquaculture and productivity. Water quality is an important role in the productivity of aquatic animals. Water quality parameters that are often seen between other temperatures, pH. Fuzzy logic is a branch of the artificial intelligence system (Artificial Intelligence) that emulates the ability of humans to think into a form of technology which is then run by machines. Fuzzy logic interprets vague statements into a logical understanding. Fuzzy logic has the ability to develop fuzzy systems, namely intelligence systems in a definite environment. This study aims to implement the fuzzy logic controller method to control nutrient pH in aquaponics systems based on web servers

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