Railroad Surface Defect Inspection Using Parallel Lines Laser

Suwarsono Suwarsono


Demand of public transportation is increasing, especially train.  One of the supporting aspects of the smoothness of the train journey is the perfection of the railroad. Inspection technology to measure defects on railroad surfaces has been developed. To carry out inspections and measurements of long and dangerous railroads, because railroad traffic is busy, requires high accuracy and speed. The final goal of this research series is to develop image processing techniques as visual measurement system for monitoring defect of railroad surface.The novelty in this study was on the use of two parallel line lasers and an image sensor that monitors rail line surface defects. Thus, it is able to detect rail quality quickly and relatively easily and continuously so as to provide overall rail conditions. This research entered the development phase of 2 sensor systems: (a) sensors for tracking railroa surfaced, using digital cameras, (b) surface quality sensors, using laser parallel lines and CCD. Parallel laser method successfully detects defects on the rail surface and detects vibrations in the structure, through detection of changes in the distance of the two lasers. Inspection with image processing in this paper is worthy of being an alternative that can replace manual inspections.


Railroad inspection, image processing, Parallel Laser

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22219/sentra.v0i4.2316


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