Halal Meat Logistics Performance: A Qualitative Study of Customer Loyalty on Halal Meat Product in Indonesia

Ilyas Masudin


 The aim of this article is to understand the perceived service value of customers and customer satisfaction to customer loyalty on halal meat logistics  for muslim in non muslim area. This article  use qualitative method that explore the interview results from respondents. The interview for qualitative approach is done by interviewing 30 respondents and analyzed using content analysis.  The results of the study indicates a positive influence occurs on the relationship between halal logistic performance, the service value perceive to customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction to customer loyalty. The insignificant influence happened at halal supplier’s service quality to customer satisfaction relation. This article contributes to the halal logistics’ body of knowledge that are still rarely studied, particularly in the area of muslim population majority as Indonesia which has also non-muslim majority areas. This article focused on the comparative study of halal logistics performance on consumer loyalty of raw and processed meat products for Muslims in Indonesian non-muslim majority area.


halal logistics, perceptions, muslim, customer satisfaction

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22219/sentra.v0i4.2191


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