Steam box System for Bamboo Bending Process

Hari Nugraha, Ismail Alif Siregar, Taufiq Panji Wisesa


Bamboo is used for many things, such as for building material, furniture and interior products. There are many ways to process bamboo using taraditional methods and conventional manufacturing methods using machines. The structure of bamboo has the same tensile strength as wood and can be used as an alternative to using wood. Bamboo also has better bending properties than wood and using composite and or laminating process bamboo can be processed into laminates or blocks like wood. Because the manufacturing is similar to the process used by wood the materials produced from bamboo can also be variative. Bamboo composite that are shaped into blocks or laminates must be able to be processed using wood techniques such as being milled, sanded down, joined with certain profiles and bended with varying degrees of roundness. The methods used are actually wood process which is steam bending in a steam box. The process of using the steam box to process bamboo uses bamboo shaped as planks. The process still needs to be further examined because the properties of bamboo compared to wood that uses the steam box method is different. Also there needs to be a redesign of the steam box method because of the different property of bamboo compared to wood. The refinement of the steam box design and prototype is hoped to be able to be used by small home industries to innovate their products in the bamboo industry. 


Bamboo; wood; bamboo properties; bamboo bending; bamboo processing; bamboo industry, bamboo furniture, bamboo products, steam, steam box, steaming method.

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