Desain and Implementation of Virtual Laboratory of C Programming in Virtual Classroom Based on Moodle

Azizah Zakiah


It is important in the teaching of procedural programming to transfer the concept of procedural programming into a language that can be executed by machine. The elements of procedural programming must be translated to the selected language. The teaching should not only syntax oriented but also semantics oriented. The objectives of learning cannot be gained if the design of interaction of the practicum of C programming in a virtual laboratory is inappropriate. In this research, a virtual laboratory of C programming is designed and implemented with approach of usability and user experience. The testing result showed that respondents agree that the virtual laboratory is in accordance with the goals of usability and user experience that is effective, efficient, safe to use, good utility, easy to learn and to remember by users. Respondents also agree that the virtual laboratory will support them to get the objectives of learning of C programming.    


C programming, usability, user experience, virtual laboratory.

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