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Inclusive Education focused on resiliency

Muhamad Salis Yuniardi


 le approach to answer a lot of weaknesses of segregation/segregative education that obviously has made those children grow up with negative self-concept and lack of social adaptation skills.  However, it seems that inclusive education has failed to fulfil its main function and many novels problems prevail instead, such as the failure to empower those children potency, stress among teachers who feel unable to handle those children, and also a wide range of academic cheatings. This article analysed the factors involved in the failure and the success of inclusive education schools in Malang that had been supervised by ACENAS (National Assessment Centre) of UMM around 2008 – 2010. As the result, problem-focused approach implemented among those schools had been considered as the root problem. This approach obviously has forced the curriculum, the teaching process, and the teachers to transform special need children to be like “normal children”, something that is absolutely impossible. In contrast, resilience approach that highlights those children strength has proven able to empower those children potential, enhance their achievement, build warmer inclusive atmosphere, and help the teachers developed better curriculum and teaching methods enthusiastically.


inclusiveeducation, special need children, resiliency

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