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Co-pigmentation Anthocyanins of Rose Pigment (varieties of Batu Local) with Catekin from Black Tea and Green Tea Extracts

Elfi Anis Saati, Sita Ayu Pangesti, Sri Winarsih, Mochammad Wachid


Anthocyanin pigment has such problems such as its sensitivity to certain conditions. Co-pigmentation can be conducted by adding substances like other pigment as catechin from a kind of tea (black and green). Methodology used in this study is randomly grouped design (RAK) method with 3 times repetition. Result of this study shows the best treatment was green tea (maceration 15 minutes) and this co-pigmentation with anthocyanin pigment extract (proportion of 1:2), contained value of soluble solid 18,88 oBrix, L (lightness) 34,81, a+ (redness) 9,20, pH 2,39, 2,61 Å (521 nm), total sugar 10,07 % and antioxidant activity 83,11 %.


Keywords: anthocyanin pigment, co-pigmentation, tea catecin

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