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Elfi Anis Saati, Ike Susanti, Muhammad Wachid


Anthocyanins are natural pigments found in many fruits, plants and flowers colors of orange, red, purple and blue. Anthocyanin pigment includes various flavonoid groups and it is soluble in water. The stability of anthocyanin pigment is heavily affected by physical and chemical aspects like pH and temperature, and is generally more stable on acid condition.The purpose of this researchis to determine the type of anthocyanin pigments in red spinach leaves, knowing the effect of different pH, temperature and duration of heating on the stability of anthocyanin extract from red spinach leaves.The type of the pigment was identified with a group functions with FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared). The next research was to test stability of the pigment against treatment or factor difference of pH much as 7 levels (2;2,25;3;3,25;3,5;4 and 4,25) and treatment of heatingas much as 3 levels (temperature 50°C for 60 minute, 70°C for 30 minute and 100°C for 15 minute). The results showed that the anthocyanin of red spinach leaves is malvidin 3.5 diglukosida, with 22.59 absorbance at λ 519 nm, pH of 2.60, color intensity (L 43.67.a+20,7, b-20,6), total dissolved solids is 5.8 Brix, the anthocyanin content of 18.94 mg / ml and the yield of 15.16%. The pigment concentrates were more stable at pH 2.25; 4.0, and 4.25 with each absorbance value 0.73; 0.77; 0.74, while the powdered pigment was more stable at pH 2.25, the highest absorbance value of 0.44. Temperatute and long heating have effect to absorbation and level of rednes (a+) pigment extract from red spinach leaves. The pigment consentrate of red spinach leaves were more stable than pigment powder.Temperature treatment on 500C (60 minute) decreased minimum with persentage decreased absorbation 31,3 %  anda decrease in redness value of 0.51 to 0.42. 


Keywords : spinach red leaves, antosianin pigment, stability, difference pH

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