Method For Determining Transcription Factors (TFs) Of Gene β-AMYRIN Synthase Encoded Using In Silico Approach: A Case Study In Plant Model

Agus Muji Santoso, Mohamad Amin, Sutiman B. Sumitro, Betty Lukiaty


Saponins is one of medical compound which synthesized by several key genes in plants, including β-AS. Fisrt step to enhance of plant secondary metabolites was by determining of TFs which controlled target genes. in vitro and in vivo approach cannot be used directly to determine the kinds of the TFs which controls the target gene because both of approach above were inefficient and ineffective. Therefore, the initial determination of the type TFs-based in silico studies need to be done. This paper was aims to describe the steps that can be done to determine the type of the TFs gene β-AS in A. thaliana as a model plant using in silico approach. This study reveals that there were four main stages i.e. determining β-AS gene sequence and direction of transcription, determine the sequence of the promoter from start CDS, determine of TFs by using tfbind and look for the FTs which have highest interaction score, mapping of selected TFs by using PlantFTDB. The kinds of acquired TFs can be used as a information base to determine of the next method and laboratories technique.


transcription factor; beta amyrin synthase; in silico

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