Analysis of Preservatives Content in Various Grilled Spice in Market of Malang City as Biology Learning Material

Yuliana Putri Susanti, Siti Zaenab, Poncojari Wahyono


Indonesian food such as Rawon, Soto, Rendang, and others are food which cannot be served immediately, commonly it is complicated in making and couldn’t be served quick. One supporting tool for Indonesian food lover to serve quick and easy is by using ready-ingredient package which has paste form. Food Additional Material is a material added into food to influence characters or food shapes. Preservative in grilled spice are much and spread. By reviewing main ingredients which are more expensive per kilo, there are many household wives turn by buying ready-spice in market.The research purpose is finding out preservative in Market of Malang city, considering highest rate for preservative in various grilled spice, according to Minister of Health Decree No. 033/Menkes/IX/2012 about additional food material, and developing this research as biology learning material. The research is descriptive qualitative. The research uses various spice (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H, and I) and 3 repeats. Data analysis uses one-way variants analysis in significant rate 0.05 and additional test which is Duncan test. Research shows that average rate of preservative 247 mg/kg in spice F in spice I is the highest rate from tested spice. ANAVA test shows difference in preservative difference in various grilled spice in  Malang city. Duncan test shows each grilled spice has significant average rate. Comparison for preservative rate in various grilled spice with Ministry of Health decree no. 033/Menkes/IX/2012 shows the average of preservative is still below standard or still consumable.


spice; preservatives rate; Minister of Health Decree No: 033/Menkes/IX/2012

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