The Study On Rumen Liquid of Cow as Bioaktivator Of The Quality Of Water Hyacinth Compost (Eichornia crasipes L.) As Biology Teaching Materials For Senior High School Grade XII

Rahayu Sundayanti, Rr Eko Susetyarini, Lud Waluyo


Water hyacinth (Eichornia crasipes L.) is species of biggest plant which live float in water. This water hyacinth is reputed as disturber or water weeds because can appear many damage. Negative impact from this plant is disturbance to waters utilization, can enlarge loss of water from evapotranspiration process, and can do with utilize waste of animal husbandry to become microbe bio activator in compost. The function of bio activator is to increase the quality of compost organic materials. Rumen liquid is one of live place of microbe population (bacteria, protozoa, and fungi) which have a role in food analyzing especially cellulose at ruminant animals. The aim of this research is to the best effective concentration about compost quality of water hyacinth (Eichornia crasipes L). Kind of this research is True Experiment Research and the design using True Posttest Only Control Group Design is research with treatment, repetition, and control. Data result then analyze using Anava One Way and detailed test with Duncan’s 5%. Result of this research was shown that giving rumen liquid concentration of cow with 40% concentration have an effective quality compost from temperature 30,47%, pH 6,76, rasio C/N 1,55 with the color of compost is black brownish.


Compost Quality; Rumen Liquid Concentration; Water Hyacinth (Eichornia crasipes L.)

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