Developing Module of The Integrated Science for Grade VII Students Based on Simple Experiments With The Approach of The C-Cat (Conceptual, Contextual And Analitycal Thinking )

Agus Kadarmanto


This research aims to produce a product in the form of the module interated science for grade VII students of Junior Hight School. the methods used to achieve the objectives through research development, directed to develop the integrated science learning media, in the form of a simple experiment based module approach C-CAT (conceptual, contextual, and analytical thinking). It is hope this module can help students in the learning process so they have ane understanding of the concepts, the skills to analyze and solve problems that are given by the teacher, they are able to learn independently as well as having the nature of honest and responsible.


module; Integrated science; Experiment; Conceptual; Contextual; Analytical; Thinking

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