The Influence of Implementation Collaborative Learning Conduct to Virtual Laboratory to Increasing The Result of Study and Learning Activities on Science at Junior High School

Fajar Lailatul M., Muh. Zainuri, Dimas Fawahid


Learning models which reffers to the constructivistic approach one of them is collaborative learning models. collaborative learning models has a qualitative approach to analyze students skill to observe the result of science practicum. Virtual laboratory at science learning used to increase skill and student knowledge about science concepts. Virtual laboratory must be interractive, animatif,and interesting at collaborative learning models. The purpose of this research was to analyze the effect of collaborative learning models based on virtual laboratory at science learning on result of study and learning activities. This research was an experimental research, conducted at MTsN Jember 1. The samples with random cluster sampling were VIII C as the experimental class and VIII B as the control class. Research design using a pre-test post-test control design. The data analysis using independent sample t test with SPSS. From the analysis of test results obtained Sig t-test= 0.00 with α=0.05 means Sig<α that Ho was rejected and Ha accepted.


collaborative learning models; virtual laboratory; result of study; learning activities

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