Moolief Bioreactor Design for Remediation Brantas Kediri River Water Contaminated Waste Domestic and Industrial

Krisnawati Krisnawati, Tri Yulian Widya, Amalia Nurasih, Agus Muji Santoso


Abstract Brantas has a high pollution load, either by domestic or industrial waste. Processing of river water as a source of drinking water that is affordable need to be done. Commercial water purification typically use electromagnetic wave energy so consumming high cost and it is less able to reach all levels of society. The other hand, conventional water purifier to only be able to solid filtration, so that the content of heavy metals, pathogens, and detergents are still often found in water purifiers results as conventional tools. This paper was aimed to describes the design of Moolief bioreactor which able to deal with that problem by using local ingredients that are safe and affordable. The bioreactor applications have the advantage with a cheaper cost, easily obtainable materials, and the public easy to apply.


Brantas; Moolief bioreactor; river water remediation

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