The Utilization of Bintaro Fruit as Biopesticides for Pest Control of Rice Plant in Coastal Area of Bandengan Village, Cirebon Regency

K a r t i m i Kartimi


Abstract The purposes of this research are to: 1) Examine the potency and the utilization bintaro fruit in Bandengan Village, Cirebon Regency. 2) Examine how to make Bintaro fruit extract as biopesticides, and 3) Examine the effect of Bintaro fruit extract as biopesticides to the effect of mortality and multiply of rats. The location of the research was in the coastal area of Bandengan village, Cirebon Regency. The type of this research is experimental research. The research was done in laboratory of Biology Major of Education Science Faculty of IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon. The parts of Bintaro plant that are used in this research are flesh, seeds, and skin. The research used forced feeding test method. Design test was done by giving forced feeding test from the result of bintaro fruit extract to the rat using RAK with 3 times repetition. By using many solution test of Bintaro extract of 5%, 10%, and 15% concentration. The observation took 8 days by looking the amount of died rats. Data analysis used anova test. The chemical content in Bintaro extract was assumpted to be able to give the biopesticides effect of rats mortality. Chemical content cerberrin poison inside of Bintaro fruit has lethal character. The research showed that giving Bintaro extract influences significantly to rats mortality. Bintaro extract in all concentration give real effect of rats mortality. Bintaro fruit extract has the stronger biopesticides effect in n- hexana solution than the other solution. There is no bintaro extract effect to rats mortality differences between nhexana, etyl asetat, aseton, and aquades.


bintaro fruit; biopesticides

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