Jurnal Ilmiah Bestari No.42/thXXII/September-Desember 2009

Penguatan Budaya Nasional Dalam Situasi Krisis Budaya (Jurnal Ilmiah Bestari, No42/thXXII/September-Desember 2009

Sulardi .


There is something wrong in cur edueationsystemt Oureducatisn do uot give'chanee to appreciate and learuculture'*ducation on culture'is donc more on cagnitive aspec{ students aretaught names both local and national cultures, folk dances' folk,orrgr, nidturious traditions from many places in Indonesia withoutcomprehending the real meaning of the culture itself' Furthermore'p"opt"areactuatlytheculturelegalorrner.Ifthisunderstandingis.i.oog urrough, claims-on our cultures by another countr-v will nevernappen. Ttre most important is how to establish and teach people sottrat ttrey have sense of belonging to their orvn cultures' So' it is timefor ceniral and local go'ernments facilitate public's participation innational culture affi rmation'



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