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Influenced Of Job Environment (based of condition of health environment) toward case of PPOK at employers in the cigarette company in Malang. (Pengaruh tempat kerja terhadap kejadian Penyakit Paru Obstruksi Kronik (PPOK) pada karyawan pabrik rokok di Mala

Yoyok Bekti Prasetyo, Setiyo Rini


Cigarette company contributes to lead cases chronic obstruction pulmonary diseases. This is effect of dust exposures to emploeyee. This study use epidemiology non experimental desain with cross sectional. Data analisys with chi-square and ratio prevalensi. Result this study showed location work place influence of chronic obstruction pulmonary diseases (p value < 0,05, RP >1). Advise to decrease prevalensi chronic obstruction pulmonary diseases are improve good management expecialy to caring health workplace, use precaution work (ec. mask, handscun),adn early detection.


location work place, chronic obstruction pulmonary diseases, cigaretee company

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