2Sharing and Jumping Task Learning Design of Empirical and Molecular Formula Concept

Mutiara Dwi Cahyani, Sumar Hendayana, Komalia Komalia, Momo Risbiono


Instructional process is a sharing activitywhich students learn from each other. Learning activitiesinvolve different students’ abilities. Therefore, the design of learning activities using two types of activities, which are a sharing activity (sharing task) with have same level of textbooks and must be understood by all students, and jumping activity (jumping task) that exceeds the level of textbooks. The lack of didactic anticipation is reflected in instructional planning that why students’ learning obstacle appears.The aim of this study is to produce an instructional design of sharing and jumping task to prevent students’ learning obstacle on Empirical Formula and Molecular Formula concept. Subject of this study is 57 students of X IPA 1 and 2 in Laboratorium UPI High School. We apply descriptive qualitative method. We collected data through TKR (Tes Kemampuan Responden), observation sheets, interview guideline. We implemented the lesson design twice in different group of students. The result of first implementation, in sharing task activity students were are not active in the group discussions so that there are stilllearning obstacles appears. However, in jumping task activity, students become more active in discussion because the students are faced with a new situation of challenging problems, although they still need help from teacher. Revision of instructional design is implemented on second class. In second implementation, group discussions on sharing task activity is more active so it can minimize students’ learning obstacle, although still need help from teachers. But in jumping task activity,there are still many students who can’tcatch the concept and they still need help from teacher. Based on the results of both these implementations, we it is obtained an tried out instructional design of sharing and jumping tasks that provide good advantagesfor students who have high or low ability.


Learning Design; Sharing and Jumping Task; Empirical and Molecular Formula

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