Improving Teachers’ Ability in integrating Character education into Mathematics Subject Matter through Lesson Study in Group V Sukasada Sub-District

I Gusti Ngurah Japadan


This research belongs to lesson study which aims at improving elementary schools’ teachers competency in integrating character education in mathematics subject matter started from designing lesson plan to the implementation. Besides, the quality of character values was observed as shown by the students during the instructions as the results of the improvement of teachers’ competency. the study was conducted in group V Sukasada sub-district which consist of 9 units of schools and the subjects were the teachers of the fourth grade students. the data about teachers’ ability in designing the lesson plan and conducting the instructions by inserting characters values was gathered by using instruments as well as collecting the data about students’ characters during the instructions in each cycle by conducting observation sheet which later was analyzed by using descriptive statistic. the results show that there was any significant improvement on the scores of designing lesson plan designed by the teachers of the fourth graders in group V Sukasada sub-district in each cycle. on cycle I, the mean score was 69.76 by achievement level 58.06%. On cycle II the mean score was 96.67 by achievement level 80.56% and on cycle III the mean score was 109.33 by achievement level 91.11%. Teachers’ ability of conducting character education-based math subject matter was also improved significantly. On cycle I the mean score was 107 by achievement level 62.94%. On cycle II the mean score was 138.67 by achievement level 81.57% and on cycle III was 152 by achievement level 89.41%. the results of observation show that from the 7 characters developed, there were 2 character values which did not improve in each cycle. They were logical thinking and responsibility.


lesson study; matematika; karakter

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