Sharing and Jumping Task Based Lesson Design of Conservation of Mass Concept

Etrie Jayanti, Asep Supriatna, Komalia Komalia, Kurnia Kurnia


This research aims to develop a lesson design in sharing and jumping task of conservation of mass concept. This lesson design based on learning obstacle of high school student and teacher’s self-reflection. The method used in this research was qualitative research method. The research subjects were students of grade X and XI in one of high school in Bandung. The Instrument that used were a test, observation sheet, interview guideline, and documentation. Research findings indicate that the identified learning obstacles were students did not understand the meaning of conservation of mass and students have obstacle looking at the concept of mass, they thought in a chemical reaction mass of solid is greater than the liquid mass, and the mass of the gas is not considered. Student’s learning obstacles were identified as a basis for designing the lesson design. This lesson design contained of sharing and jumping task activities. Lesson design was implemented twice. In the first implementation, there were still many teacher’s involvements in the activities of sharing task and time management for jumping task activities was not arranged well. Lesson design that has been implemented in the first class then revised to be implemented in the second class. The revision lesson design was adding a chemical substance used in the lab practice activity. In the second implementation, students were more active in sharing and jumping task activities. It was because self-reflection of teachers to reduce teacher's involvement in student group activities. The results of the implementation of lesson design showed that reduced learning obstacle of high school student on the concept of conservation of mass.


Lesson Design; Sharing and Jumping Task; Learning Obstacle; Conservation of Mass

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