Lesson Study for Learning Community to Improve the Teaching Quality of Biology Teachers

Eko Retno Mulyaningrum


The aims of this study is to increase theteaching quality of Biology Teacher through Lesson Study for Learning Community (LSLC). The research was conducted at SMA Negeri (State Senior High School) 16 Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, of the second semester in academic year 2015/2016. The subjects were teachers of class XI.1 of SMA Negeri 16 Semarang. LSLC in this study involves some teachers such as Biology, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Sociology, and also prospective Biology students teachers. The instructional media is video to learn about exploration of mangrove ecosystems. This research method used classroom action research design with cycles and combined with LSLC. The results showed that quality of the teaching increase at the preliminary activities, core activities, application of learning strategies that educate, engage student in learning, as well as time management conducted by Biology Teacher. The conclusion is that Lesson Study for Learning Community can improve the teaching quality of Biology Teacher in SMA Negeri 16 Semarang.


LSLC; Teaching Quality; Biology Teacher

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