Pengembangan Model Pembelajaran Adaptive Blended Learning untuk Berbagai Jenis Gaya Belajar Siswa Menengah Atas pada Pokok Bahasan Listrik Statis

Nuri Rimbawati, Muchlas Muchlas


Physics learning are currently given by using model and varied online media learning. However, that varied learning model is still rarely pay attention to students learning styles. Consequently, learning becomes less optimal and less motivated students. Rapidly information technology blooming gave a great opportunity for the development of online learning models that have the adaptive feature of the student's learning style. The aim of this research is to produce learning model blended learning, merger between models of online learning and faceto-face learning, adaptive by learning styles of students. This product was validated by experts consist of media experts and learning physics expert. The results showed that developed of learning model, according to experts has validated in good categories so that used in physics learning.

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