The Role of Disaster Nurse Through School Safety Program for Disaster Preparedness in Elementary School

Risa Herlianita


Disasters are to a great extent inevitable and beyond our control. More than 400 national disasters take place every year, affecting more than 230 million people and causing an average of almost 75,000 deaths annually. Children, those both directly and indirectly involved, are also particularly vulnerable to the far-reaching impact of disasters. Programs designed to meet the specific needs of children receive low priority. Disaster nurse have potential role in pre-disaster planning as a health professional responder and as an advocate for the needs of children. School safety program is a program which meet this specific needs for children, includes training of school search, rescue and first aid, conducting training trauma counseling, supplies to stock and mock drill. Through school safety program as an approach for publicizing awareness expectantly provide dissemination not only for students but also for academician in elementary school.


disaster nurse, school safety program, disaster preparedness for elementary school

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