Fern chromosome observation method: Pteris root tip

Ahmad Fauzi, Firratun Rahmah, Enies Nabila Fithri Tiara Sari, M. Melsandi, Mega Utami, Alif Aqufianisa Indrayanti, Nurul Hidayatul Arofah, Lintang Zaine Alfiani, Dewi Fatmawati


Fern is a group of plants that have unique characteristics, both in evolution and genetic aspects. Fern chromosome analysis can provide great opportunities for researchers to reveal a variety of interesting information that can contribute to the development of science. Studies of ferns, especially the analysis of fern chromosomes in Indonesia are still rare. In this study, the basic techniques for observing chromosomes from Pteris roots were presented. The root tips were cut at 9:00 a.m., the dye used was acetocarmin, while the magnification of the microscope used was 1000x. Observation results indicate that chromosomes can be observed on root tip cells that are in the metaphase as well as anaphase. The basic number of chromosomes calculated from each observation cell was approximately 30 chromosomes. This study is expected to be able to be used as a basic procedure in the ferns research whose focus of the study relates to the chromosome analysis of these plants.

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