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2021: ICE-TPD Abstract Book Abstract   PDF
2021: ICE-TPD Actualization of Pancasila towards the attitude of nationalism of the youth generation in the Society Era 5.0 Abstract   PDF
Ravita Mega Saputri, S. Sunarso
2021: ICE-TPD Analysis of online learning implementation in schools during the Covid-19 pandemic Abstract   PDF
Nadya Huda, M. Ihsan Ramadhani
2021: ICE-TPD Analysis of student responses to online-based mathematics learning with integration of local wisdom Sulapa Eppa Walasuji Abstract   PDF
Andi Nurannisa, Andi Muhammad Irfan Taufan Asfar, Andi Muhamad Iqbal Akbar Asfar, Adji Syaifullah
2021: ICE-TPD Analysis of teacher professional development to improve application of TPACK, HOTS, and 21st Century Life Skills Stimulation Concepts Abstract   PDF
Abil Mansyur, Tiur Malasari Siregar, Maya Oktora
2021: ICE-TPD Application of android-based online learning on students' mathematical connection ability during the Covid-19 Pandemic Abstract   PDF
Sumiati Sumiati, Andi Muhammad Irfan Taufan Asfar, Andi Muhamad Iqbal Akbar Asfar, Yulistia Rabiullizani, Nurhasanah Nurhasanah
2021: ICE-TPD Application of traditional games "Lojo-Lojo Pindip" android-based in upgrading reasoning adaptive students Abstract   PDF
Magfirah Magfirah, Andi Muhammad Irfan Taufan Asfar, Andi Muhammad Iqbal Akbar Asfar, Andi Fauziah
2021: ICE-TPD Consistency of metacognitive skills relationships with learning outcomes: review of gender differences Abstract   PDF
Hendry Sulistiyanto, Auliah Janna, Ardhia Pramesti Chandra Dwi Cahyani, Fitrah Anjar Adi Nastiti, Nuril Fajriani, Fitri Dwi Rosalinda Santi
2021: ICE-TPD Cover Abstract   Untitled
2021: ICE-TPD Curriculum model of multicultural islamic religious education Abstract   PDF
Sismanto Sismanto, Sri Wahyuni, Sri Andriani
2021: ICE-TPD Development of e-module based on flipbook as a teaching materials of animal tissue material for student XI class on senior high school Abstract   PDF
Nurul Azma, Yusminah Hala, Syamsiah Syamsiah
2021: ICE-TPD E-ATCM as a learning media for higher education’s student in Covid-19 Pandemic Abstract   PDF
Betanika Nila Nirbita, Sri Hardianti Sartika
2021: ICE-TPD Ecopedagogy and Musi River: Design for learning local history Abstract   PDF
Aulia Novemy Dhita, Arma Mita
2021: ICE-TPD Evaluation ability analysis of elementary school teachers Abstract   PDF
Aan Nurhasanah, Yeyen Suryani, Aep Mulyana
2021: ICE-TPD Exploration of Tellu Sipa's value in improving online-based abstract sequential thinking ability Abstract   PDF   PDF
Rismawati Rismawati, Andi Muhamad Iqbal Asfar, Andi Muhammad Irfan Taufan Asfa, Andi Nurannisa
2021: ICE-TPD Factors that influence student perceptions of English skills tests Abstract   PDF
Leni Amelia Suek
2021: ICE-TPD Front Matter Abstract   PDF
2021: ICE-TPD Implementation of full day school curriculum at LPI Sabilillah Malang (concept, model and approach) Abstract   PDF
Dedi Anggriawan, Nanik Rahmawati
2021: ICE-TPD Improving student learning outcomes on material analyzing announcements text through the Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) approach Abstract   PDF
Dyah Kristanti
2021: ICE-TPD Incereasing students’ flexible thinking skills through the application of integrated open time learning model of the Massallo Kawali Tradition Abstract   PDF
Andi Sri Rahayu, Andi Muhammad Irfan Taufan Asfar, Andi Muhamad Iqbal Akbar Asfar, Aisyah Nursyam, Elvi Handayani, Andi Sitti Noer Azizah
2021: ICE-TPD Internationalization of Primary Education in Indonesia Abstract   PDF
Enik Setiyawati, Vevy Liansari
2021: ICE-TPD Is it possible: Promoting students’ interaction in online learning? Abstract   PDF
Bernard Richard Nainggolan, Iko Agustina Boangmanalu
2021: ICE-TPD Marine edutourism based on local wisdom of Bajo Tribe in Wakatobi National Park as an environmental education alternative Abstract   PDF
Riza Sativani Hayati, I Gusti Putu Suryadarma, Paidi Paidi
2021: ICE-TPD Needs analysis of integrated learning based on cultural literature in elementary school Abstract   PDF
Clara Ika Sari Budhayanti, Murniati Agustian, Maria Amanda Adeodata
2021: ICE-TPD Online learning innovation in independent learning policy Abstract   PDF
Belinda Dewi Regina
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