The Common ASEAN Tourism Curriculum (CATC) in Indonesian vocational school

Yuyud Tri Guntoro, Diana Samal


The experts have designed the Common ASEAN Tourism Curriculum (CATC) to provide students: skills, knowledge, and professional attitude for ASEAN tourism education, which is claimed as industry-based, well-structured and flexible. In Indonesia, a top-down approach has been used in the implementation process as the Minister of Education and Culture has selected several schools to use CATC. However, a study argued that the top-down approach was not reality-based due to the absence of teachers, students, and practitioners' voices.  Ever since CATC operated in the Indonesian education system, the study of CATC must be explored to provide empirical evidence for study and evaluation purposes. Moreover, such rare research about CATC in Indonesia context; thus, this study aims to seek how CATC is implemented in the vocational school. Qualitatively, an in-depth interview has applied toward a teacher, and the document observation was used to triangulate the finding in the SMKN (vocational school) 2 Boyolangu, Tulungagung, East Java. The discovery revealed that the Common ASEAN Tourism Curriculum integrates with K13 (Indonesian National Curriculum 2013). In more detail, K13 indicators suited to CATC have been included in the course material. Meanwhile, it confirms curriculum reform in the Indonesian tourism school context. This study revealed English language barriers as the main problem that hampered the use of CATC in the micro level.

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