Evaluation ability analysis of elementary school teachers

Aan Nurhasanah, Yeyen Suryani, Aep Mulyana


The ability to evaluate is an important competency that needs to be possessed by a teacher, the results of an accountable evaluation will help in providing important information such as learning achievement, student development, and the effectiveness of the learning process carried out by the teacher. This study aims to describe the ability of teachers in Subang District UPTD in evaluating learning. This research uses a qualitative approach of case study with data collection in the form of interviews, observations, and document studies. The results of the observations showed that from the eight research subjects there were seven subjects, namely LS, RS, PAM, NN, LNH, AS, and CI have not compiled an assessment grid, assessment instruments, assessment guidelines, and assessment rubrics which were the teacher's foothold in carrying out assessments. While one subject, namely TH, has carried out learning evaluations in accordance with government regulations contained in chapter 13 verse 1 of the Minister of Education and Culture Law.

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