Shifting Meaning of Feminism Phenomena on Indonesia Civilization in Islamic Thought Perspective

Rita Nurjanah, Alda Henidar Yuristia, Ummu Salamah Muda Makin


Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest Muslim population in the world, which in its society there is a considerable spread of feminism. Early in its development, feminism in Indonesia was first pioneered by R.A. Kartini who seeks emancipation for Indonesian women. Where at that time, there were still many women who did not get the equivalent of the right to grant. Along with the development of the era that is also intertwined with the advancement of information technology, the movement of women's rights by feminist supporters began to emerge in a short time can attract the attention of women. This phenomenon raises concerns of some parties in Indonesia, especially for conservatives and religious. Especially within the emergence of the issue that feminism in Indonesia itself began to experience a shift in meaning, which initially is a liberal feminism, began to change toward the meaning of feminism radically. This is because, international issues such as LGBT are able to change the mindset of Indonesian people, especially the hard-line feminist activists. This present study aims to further explore the issue of shifting the meaning of feminism in Indonesia which includes the causes, responses and views of Islamic religious, as well as the relevance of this phenomenon with the Islamic view. Whereas the method is using data collection, that the information is related to this research. Keywords: Shifting meaning, Liberal Feminism, Radical Feminism, Indonesia.

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