Mosque And Economic Development

Nur Indah Riwajanti, Muhammad Muwidha, Triesti Candrawati


 This research aims to explore the potential of mosques in economic development of the ummah. Based on qualitative approach, the primary data was collected through in depth interviews to six informants in Malang, East Java includes: an ulama and professor in Islamic Economics, a lecturer who actively engage in Islamic economics’ teaching, a leader of Islamic Cooperative, and three mosques caretakers (takmir); which then analyzed based on data reduction. The findings shows that mosque has two functions; as the center of worship activities and civilization which should include economic activities. However, the function as center of civilization tends to be neglected beside the facts that they have good networking basis based on Islamic brotherhood. In order to provide positive economic contribution, it requires distribution of Islamic economics knowledge to the ummah in the form of routine religious meetings to improve their understanding and awareness. Keywords: mosque, economic development, ummah

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