Applicability Of Islamic Leadership Principles In Construction Project Management With Specific Reference To Jkr Malaysia – The Use Of Delphi Method

Muhamad Rosdi Senam, Khairuddin Abdul Rashid, Azila Ahmad Sarkawi, Rapiah Mohd Zaini


Project management continuously faces challenges in an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment. This demands for strong leadership by project manager that is fundamental and more crucial to achieving project success. Previous empirical studies have indicated the positive impacts of Islamic leadership on organisational performance and outcome in various sectors such as business, banking, etc, however no similar studies have been conducted in construction related and project management context. Delphi method is an option to the traditional and popular methods used for data collection in research such as interview and questionnaire survey. It is increasingly adopted in various areas of researches including in project management as well as Islamic studies that aim to reach consensus and decisive opinions on topics that are being researched by involving a group of panels or experts. This paper seeks to present the adoption of this method in a postgraduate study that has been conducted on the applicability of Islamic leadership principles (ILP) in project management with specific reference to JKR Malaysia (Public Works Department of Malaysia). Selected project managers with certain criteria were the respondents or experts for the Delphi interview. Two (2) rounds of Delphi interviews were conducted and sufficient to achieve the level of consistency of results. The findings indicated that Islamic leadership principles were highly applicable and it could enhance the likelihood of achieving project success in JKR project management. Acceptable level of consensus were achieved in all constructs attributing to the Islamic leadership principles  and its strategies. Keywords: Project Management,  Project Success, Islamic Leadership Principles, Delphi Method

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