Analysis Of Implementation Of Islamic Value Determination For School Teacher Candidates

Dyah Worowirastri Ekowati, Beti Istanti Suwandayani, Ima Wahyu Putri Utami


Elementary Teacher Education Department, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education of UMM is one of educational institution to create prospective elementary teacher. This department implements Al-Islam Kemuhammadiyahan values in academic activities. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the implementation of Al-Islam Kemuhammadiyahan values in Elementary Teacher Education Department . Al-Islam Kemuhammadiyahan values include honesty values, responsibility, discipline and careness. Analysis of the implementation is done by using a qualitative approach and the type is descriptive. The data sources are lecturers and students of Elementary Education Department . While the instruments used are interview sheets, observation  guideline and documentation studies. The results of the analysis of the implementation of Muhammadiyah values will be one of the guidelines for improving the quality of prospective elementary teacher in the future. Keywords: Al-Islam Kemuhammadiyahan Values, Prospective Teacher Keywords: Al-Islam Kemuhammadiyahan Values, Prospective Teacher

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