Why Islamic Expressions Are More Preferable In Bangka Language Daily Conversation?

Asrul Munazar


Islam and Bangka people cannot be separated. Islam has been source of culture among people in Bangka Belitung, included language used. The reflections of Islam in language used among Bangka people always take place where Bangka people often use Islamic terms during the conversation happened. To state, to show or to declare something, Islamic expressions is more to be chosen than local expressions although both of them convey same meanings. This paper aims at describing the experience of Bangka People in using Islamic expressions in daily conversation to find the social meaning of those expressions. This paper employs qualitative method with phenomenology approach to explore the phenomena. The findings revealed that Islamic expressions are more preferable stating, showing and declaring something in daily conversation since Bangka people feel those expressions reflect seriousness, politeness, attitude, and identity rather than local expression in their daily conversation. Keywords: Islamic Expressions; local expression; Bangka daily conversation; Phenomenology

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