Islamic Perspective Towards The Existence Of The Indonesian Feminist Lawyers Club (IFLC) In Indonesia

Eva Yuliana, Fa’izah Attamimi, Qori’ Amalia Kurniasari


Indonesian Feminist Lawyers Club (IFLC) can be categorized as a gender-related movement that emerged in the midst of the rampant cases of violence against women in Indonesia. Putting a gender perspective into all walks of life is such a reward for gender. However, so far the government policies are still too fragile to sustain the existence of a gender justice system. Moreover, IFLC, which at least carries a mission to improve the capacity of advocates in the handling of violence against women, is different when it comes to how Islam views this organization's presence. From this issue, the writer is concerned with the similarities and differences in the values they stand for. The aim of this research is to understand how Islam views the presence of the IFLC in Indonesia. In this research, we used the explanative method and explain the result in the conceptual framework of radical feminism. It views that the suppression of women is the result of the patriarchal system. Thus, the result is rather than having the similarities values brought in IFLC, Islam holds the view that they undermine the reputation of the movement itself such as the way in order to eliminate the persecution, justification of abortion, support for LGBT which is unacceptable to Islam as well. Keywords: Gender, IFLC, Indonesia, Islam, Women

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