Islamic Political Economy, Is it Really New Scientific Discourse?

Rahmad Hakim


Islamic Political economy seems to be a ‘new’ doscourse' in the Islamic economic discipline. Only a few intellectuals are concerned in this field. Among them are Masudul Alam Choudury, Shukri Shaleh, Mehmet Asutay and others. The causes of the least discussion related to Islamic political economy is because the discipline of this field is considered a new, compared to conventional one which exist since the 17th century. On the other hand, Chapra states that politics is one of the important factors in the development of a prosperous and just economy, the absence of political ‘interference’, no matter how the economic vision of an ideology, will never exist in society. However, the question are: is it true that Islamic political economy is a new scientific discourse in the Islamic Economic discipline?, and whether in the classical literature does not exist a scientific discourse related to Islamic political economy?. Using literature approach, and documentation methods in data collection, this paper intends to track the existence of Islamic political economic in a review of classical literature. There are several issues to be discussed: first, an overview of the Islamic political economy. Second, finding the root of Islamic political economy in the classical context.  The last, an overview of the agenda of Islamic political economy at the present time. Through this study it is expected to enrich the Islamic economic discourse, and can be an alternative solution to the economic problems of the ummah.

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