Learning Culture As A Core Values Of Islamic Civilization: An Attempt To Trace The Inspirational Heritage Of Islamic Civilization

Isti’anah Abubakar


Golden age is a period of inspiration and phenomenal throughout the history of Islamic civilization. A period capable of emerging and growing rapidly in the mid of the complexity of the problems at Abbasids’era as the ruler of that period. The strengthening of the academic atmosphere marked by the number of educational institutions and the quality of scientists and the resulting quantity of science is an indicator of golden age recorded clearly in the long journey of Islamic civilization. The phenomenon is of course still inspire Muslims to bring back the golden age in the present context. Such efforts require examination of the core values of golden age, a soft component that has a significant impact on the development of the world community. Learning wherever, whenever and with anyone by the Muslim scientist of the day - is a tradition and even to the point of need - is a very urgent soft component to reach the top position. The actualization of a learning culture exemplified by scientists as a phenomenal legacy of Islamic civilization still requires concrete congregation and congregational action. This context will be discussed in detail in this paper. Keywords : Core Values and Learning Culture

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